Fuel Factor X Foil Pack

Fuel Factor X Foil Pack treats up to 20 gallons of fuel, offering a convenient, single-use solution for enhancing fuel economy and optimizing engine performance.

Fuel Factor X Foil Pack

Fuel Factor X Foil Pack

The Fuel Factor X Foil Pack, designed to treat up to 20 gallons of fuel, offers an easy and portable solution for improving your vehicle's fuel economy and engine performance. This single-use foil pack is perfect for on-the-go drivers, providing a quick and convenient way to clean your fuel system and boost combustion efficiency. Backed by positive reviews, it's a compact yet effective choice for those who are looking to optimize their driving experience.

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What is the Fuel Factor X gas additive?

Fuel Factor X is designed as a comprehensive engine treatment, featuring a unique, proprietary formula that acts like a superfood for your engine. Among its key ingredients are organometallic compounds, which serve as catalysts to ignite fuel at lower temperatures, leading to improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. These compounds also minimize friction in engine parts such as pistons, pumps, and injectors, extending the engine's lifespan. Detergents are included to keep the fuel system clean, ensuring optimal engine efficiency.

The formula also contains other specialized components aimed at maintaining engine health and performance. Polymerization retardants reduce solid formation in the fuel tank, prolonging the life of engine components. Rust and corrosion inhibitors work to eliminate and prevent rust in the fuel system, further contributing to efficient performance. Demulsifiers play a crucial role in separating water from the fuel, preventing injector failure and potential engine damage. Finally, a fuel stabilizer is included to prolong the fuel's shelf life, preventing it from breaking down and deteriorating. Overall, Fuel Factor X offers a multi-benefit solution aimed at enhancing various aspects of your vehicle's fuel system and engine performance.

How do you use Fuel Factor X?

Using Fuel Factor X is a simple process designed to optimize your vehicle's performance and fuel efficiency. For the first treatment, you'll need to double the recommended dosage, typically one-fourth of an ounce per 20 gallons, meaning you'll use half an ounce for a 20-gallon tank. Shake the bottle well, squeeze it to fill the measuring chamber up to the required line, and then pour the contents directly into your car's fuel tank. Proceed to fill up your tank with gas, keeping in mind that Fuel Factor X allows you to opt for a lower octane fuel without sacrificing performance.

For subsequent treatments, you'll revert to the standard dosage, which is generally one-fourth of an ounce per 20 gallons of fuel. Simply add this measured amount of Fuel Factor X each time you refuel to maintain its range of benefits, including improved fuel economy, reduced emissions, and a prolonged engine life. Always follow the manufacturer's guidelines to ensure you're using the product as intended, and enjoy the multiple advantages it brings to your vehicle's operation.

Does Fuel Factor X really work?

Fuel Factor X is designed to provide a dual benefit of improving fuel economy while also cleaning an engine's fuel system. By enhancing combustion efficiency, this additive aims to get the most out of every gallon of fuel, potentially leading to cost savings at the pump. Independent studies on similar products have shown encouraging results, with many vehicles experiencing moderate to noticeable improvements in fuel economy.

It's worth noting that the effectiveness of Fuel Factor X can be influenced by various factors, including the age and condition of your vehicle, your driving habits, and the quality of fuel you use. Given these variables, the additive's performance can range from significant gains to more modest improvements. Nevertheless, with its scientifically formulated blend, Fuel Factor X offers a promising avenue for those looking to optimize their vehicle's performance and fuel efficiency.

Reviews (20)

  • Diona Millee
    From United States

    Thank you

  • Jeremy Reynolds
    From United States

    Love this product! Increase my MPG from 14 to 16.7 in our 2020 Airstream Interstate. It's a Diesel engine and I didn't think we'd see a lot of benefits, but I was wrong... I'm using less DEF and getting better mileage since starting FFX. Love this!

  • Sarah Peebles
    From United States

    I am on my first bottle, 3rd tank of gas. Incredible product my 2011 Ford Explorer went from 14.1 miles per gallon by 3rd treatment we are at between 19 and 20.8 !! That is so wonderful. I am a believer. My care no longer hesitates and that was becoming a big problem. I have almost 180,000 miles and my explorer and 14 mpg is terrible 20 plus is awesome, can't wait to see the 4th tank of gas and treatment. Thank you FFX!!

  • Elias Ernesto Arata
    From Costa Rica

    With Fuel Factor X in my vehicle Year 2004 diesel engine 2900cc I have better fuel economy, less emissions, more power. Elias Arata de Costa Rica

  • Chris Robinson
    From United States

    This product has been a game changer for me!! Across my fleet of vehicles/heavy equipment it saves me over 13% on my fuel bill month after month. I believe my savings is bigger as I have noticed cleaner stronger running engines as well as much cleaner oil on my services.

  • Ernest Tshabalala
    From South Africa

    A very exciting product indeed we're looking forward to use FFX in SA🇿🇦

  • Karen Varnado
    From United States

    I am so excited about using FFX! We averaged a 5-7 MPG increase right away and have continued to get better fuel mileage. My husband was a little skeptical at first but quickly changed his mind. We use it in all our vehicles and love it!

  • Elias Ernesto Arata
    From United States

    Thanks to Fuel Factor X I have fuel economy

  • Siphelele Nkwanyana
    From South Africa

    Looking forward to have this product in South Africa

    From United States

    I freaked out when I started using FFX. I am saving between 7-9.8 MPG. This product is saving us so much money on fuel.

  • Elias Ernesto Arata
    From Costa Rica

    From Costa Rica 🇨🇷 Before, my 2004 truck with a 2900 hp engine, an 80 liter tank, did 533 km with a full tank. Now with *Fuel Factor X* 763kms ago and I had more than 1/4 of the fuel tank left.

  • Dare Joshua Daramola
    From United States

    I have heard a lot about this product, already made an order and I can see how this will definitely help lots of companies and individuals here in Nigeria.

  • Remzee Gonzales
    From United States

    When a product is too good to be true I'm sure it raises a lot of red flags. Lets be honest, this is definitely one of these products.. but at the same time I personally cant afford not to try it during this fuel crisis we are having. So I pulled the trigger and bought me a bottle. I didnt let myself have high expectations right off the bat and I'm honestly glad I didn't. I didn't notice anything the first time I double dosed other than the savings I gained from SAFELY gassing up from premium to unleaded (about 40cents per gallon). Im on my 3rd "pump" and I can say BOY does this work. It has stretched my fuel life in my tank by about 148 miles. Meaning the 148miles I was loosing without using this product (going out my tailpipe), is now being burned more efficiently every time i dose up allowing me to utilize my gas rather than let it go out my exhaust. Cant wait to see if i get more out of it down the road. Test it yourself by downloading a mile tracker and calculate!

  • Amy Nordeng
    From United States

    I noticed on day 4 the horse power in my car was significantly increased. It also shifted better on the gears. Can not wait to see how much more I get in gas mileage on a tank of gas. Super excited to promote this to everyone!!!

  • Jason Chen
    From United States

    When I had lunch with my friends in Rowland Heights, my husband went to fill up a tank of gas with the fuel saver. The 4-hour trip back to Vegas took less than half a tank of gas. Lexus LC500, V8 engine, 5.0-horsepower sports car, how do you feel more fuel-efficient than hybrid car?

  • Philip Reynolds
    From United States

    Been using FFX for over a decade in all of my vehicles. Never have to use premium fuel on my Porsche. Our Ford truck has more horsepower carrying our Host Mammoth camper. Will never drive without it.

  • Dulsanea Naedek
    From United States

    I am already saving $$ at the pump by using this! Its been 2 weeks since I filled up my tank with my FFX and everyday I do local stop and start driving. Prior to starting with my magic sauce, I only got 280 miles to a 11 gallon tank. My car is a 2016 Mazda 3 sport with 85,000 miles on her. When I first got her I was getting 35 miles to the gallon and noticed in the last 2 years it significantly dropped between 21-25 miles to the gallon. As of today I have about 3/4 of a tank FULL and have driven almost 140 miles!! I estimate I am already getting over 30 miles to gallon!!

  • Jozsef Keszthelyi
    From Hungary

    I was really looking forward to. He came this afternoon. I'm very enthusiastic, I'm going to refuel tomorrow. I pay attention to the results and report on it ...

  • Eniko & Balazs Voros
    From Hungary

    Enikő: az első 3 tankolásom eredménye, hogy az átlagosan 6,2-6,4 l / 100 km-es fogyasztása az autómnak mára lecsökkent 5,4 l / 100 km-re (volt már olyan, nem egyszer, hogy 4,8-at mutat a kielző, de aztán jobban rálépek a gázra) - a lényeg, egy az elmúlt 5 évben SOHA nem fogyasztott ennyire keveset az autóm!! Ez az a termék, ami szó szerint kifizeti saját magát, és még profitot is hoz, annyit spórolok vele. (Dízel BMW példája.) ENG: the result of my first 3 full pumps, that my fuel economy increased by more than 15%. From the av. 6,2-6,4 l / 100 km usage, recently I have 5,4 l / 100 km. (In the last 5 years my car NEVER used so few diesel!!

  • Gail Prince
    From Canada

    I wanna share some numbers with you from our trip across Canada 🇨🇦 (over 6000 kms)! These numbers get me excited. The following numbers are based on travelling at 100km/h Spruce Grove (home)-Lloydminster, AB 283 kms-70L what it took to fill up Lloydminster-Saskatoon, SK 274 kms-49.47L to fill up (winning) Hadashville, MB-Dryden, ON 255 kms- only 32.8L(double that and get 510 kms for 65.6L) Shuniah, ON-Hearst, ON (lots of hills in northern Ontario) 468 kms- 68L (still WAY better than the 1st fill-up) Deer Lake, NL-Gander,NL 307 kms-36L (if you double this, it means I would get 614kms for 72L ‼️) GO BACK and look at the first fill up! Are you seeing the crazy improvement??!!! We were towing a trailer with a motorcycle and other stuff adding up to about 3000lbs. I was skeptical and I was willing to send this product back if it didn’t work because there’s a 60 day money back guarantee but I have no need. My vehicle will ALWAYS get this goodness.

Additional Information

Directions: Use 1/4oz to treat up to 20 gallons
Double dose your first 2-3 treatments
Use FFX every time you fill up