OptiMyst Wash - OptiMyst Waterless Wash

OptiMyst Waterless Wash


No water, hoses, buckets, or mess

OptiMyst Waterless Wash is a proprietary cleaning product used on surfaces to clean, protect, and maintain your vehicles without the need of water.

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Leaves a shiny, smooth coating that adds enhanced protection to the surface.

Excellent degreaser
Works on cars, trucks, ATVs, boats, sports vehicles, motorcycles, and more!

  • I am blown away! So quick and easy to use! Bird poop, mud, road grime -all gone with a spritz and a wipe! The shine is great too! My 2013 vehicle looks like it got a facelift! I love this product!

    Becky LaBrecque - United StatesAugust 2022

    Just got my bottle of OptiMyst and I couldn't wait to put it to the test! Washed my stove top and granite counters. (yes, it works on more than just vehicles!) I've tried so many other products on my counters and they all left a film, so I was a little skeptical. There is absolutely ZERO film with OptiMyst!! The shine and reflections say it all! Now I'm even more excited to use it on my truck! You'll want to grab yourself multiple bottles!

    Michele Stevenson - United StatesAugust 2022

    Just received my Optimyst and I am really impressed. Look at the shine on my jeep! It removed the dirt and bugs with no problem! I can't wait for my husband to try it on his Harley!

    Robin Lockwood - United StatesAugust 2022

    Easy wipe off! I cleaned my whole Mom soccer van in about 30 minutes and also my sons car after. I used 2/3 of this amazing, wonderful smelling, waterless product. I live in the desert where water is precious so it’s even more important to know I didn’t use an ounce of water! The van was filthy, as well as the old, car. Now both are shining once again! Tip: After following instructions, it may show some streaks here and there but nothing that couldn’t be wiped off with the 2nd clean microfiber cloth that you will need. I literally ONLY used 1 cloth that comes with the bottle for my whole van for the cleaning part with spray then, I used my own cloth for wiping after as directed. Highly recommend!

    Divine FUN Love - United StatesAugust 2022

    Just received my Optimist! Totally blown away by the shine!! Four wheeler looks brand new!! Totally amazing product!! Will be using it on all motorized vehicles! Absolutely no water needed! It will shine brighter in the sunshine!! Grab yours today!!

    Freda Markert - United StatesAugust 2022

    This is an amazing product! Just spent several days in a hospital parking lot parked under a shade tree. That tree shed blooms and a greasy sticky yuck over the front of my vehicle. Optimyst took it right off!

    Helma Lowe-Prosperity Team - United StatesAugust 2022

    This product is seriously amazing! Works great on vehicles, mirrors, windows! You have to try it yourself, you will love it!

    Aron Parker - United StatesAugust 2022

    I swore I wouldn't "wash" my own car in this Vegas heat! But I wanted to try out my OptiMyst I did the entire SUV in less than 15 minutes. I'm SOLD on this product!!!!

    Judy Stallings - United StatesAugust 2022