OptiMyst Waterless Wash

OptiMyst Waterless Wash delivers a quick, eco-friendly cleaning solution for vehicles, ensuring a spotless shine without water or scratches.

OptiMyst Waterless Wash

OptiMyst Waterless Wash

OptiMyst Waterless Wash offers an eco-friendly and efficient solution for cleaning vehicles without the need for water. Its advanced formula safely removes dirt, grime, and contaminants, leaving surfaces gleaming and protected. Suitable for a variety of vehicles, from cars to boats, this waterless wash ensures a scratch-free and mess-free cleaning experience.

  • Category: Fuel Factor X
  • Size: 16 fl oz / 473 ml
  • Product Type: OptiMyst Waterless Wash
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What is the OptiMyst Waterless Wash?

OptiMyst Waterless Wash is a proprietary cleaning product designed to clean, protect, and maintain vehicle surfaces without the need for water. Just one 16oz bottle can treat a vehicle multiple times. It offers an eco-friendly, quick, and convenient solution for cleaning all types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, boats, and sports vehicles. The product encapsulates dirt particles for easy wipe-off, acts as an excellent degreaser, and ensures that surfaces won't be scratched or damaged. It works on various surfaces such as paint, chrome, plastic, and glass, and leaves a shiny, smooth coat that protects against elements like dirt, bugs, tar, and road grime.

How do you use OptiMyst Waterless Wash?

OptiMyst Waterless Wash is designed for a quick and efficient cleaning experience. Begin by shaking the bottle thoroughly. Next, spray the solution directly onto the desired cleaning surface. Using a clean microfiber towel, gently wipe away the dirt and product. For a polished finish, take a second dry microfiber towel and buff the surface until it shines. Always ensure safety by avoiding direct contact with skin and eyes, and if any accidental contact happens, rinse immediately with plenty of water. Keep the product out of reach from children.

Does OptiMyst Waterless Wash really work?

OptiMyst Waterless Wash offers a convenient solution to clean vehicles without using water. Its efficacy typically hinges on the amount of dirt and grime present on the vehicle. For vehicles with light to moderate soiling, it can be quite effective, as it traps and safely removes dirt particles. To determine its true performance, it's wise to consult independent reviews and testimonials about OptiMyst Waterless Wash.

Reviews (16)

  • Tony Walker
    From United States

    Wow!!! What an amazing product.

  • Three Sons Marketing
    From United States

    I ordered this not sure if it would work for us. We used it on our family van and it seemed to clean nice but was not sure I would order again. A few hours after washing we got a Florida rain storm. My husband was shocked how the water was beading up on the paint finish. He was impressed and we ordered 5 more bottles so we don't run out. Sure was nice not to have to pull out the hose and bucket. We are sold!

  • Becky LaBrecque
    From United States

    I am blown away! So quick and easy to use! Bird poop, mud, road grime -all gone with a spritz and a wipe! The shine is great too! My 2013 vehicle looks like it got a facelift! I love this product!

  • Michele Stevenson
    From United States

    Just got my bottle of OptiMyst and I couldn't wait to put it to the test! Washed my stove top and granite counters. (yes, it works on more than just vehicles!) I've tried so many other products on my counters and they all left a film, so I was a little skeptical. There is absolutely ZERO film with OptiMyst!! The shine and reflections say it all! Now I'm even more excited to use it on my truck! You'll want to grab yourself multiple bottles!

  • Robin Lockwood
    From United States

    Just received my Optimyst and I am really impressed. Look at the shine on my jeep! It removed the dirt and bugs with no problem! I can't wait for my husband to try it on his Harley!

  • Freda Markert
    From United States

    Just received my Optimist! Totally blown away by the shine!! Four wheeler looks brand new!! Totally amazing product!! Will be using it on all motorized vehicles! Absolutely no water needed! It will shine brighter in the sunshine!! Grab yours today!!’

  • Divine FUN Love
    From United States

    Easy wipe off! I cleaned my whole Mom soccer van in about 30 minutes and also my sons car after. I used 2/3 of this amazing, wonderful smelling, waterless product. I live in the desert where water is precious so it’s even more important to know I didn’t use an ounce of water! The van was filthy, as well as the old, car. Now both are shining once again! Tip: After following instructions, it may show some streaks here and there but nothing that couldn’t be wiped off with the 2nd clean microfiber cloth that you will need. I literally ONLY used 1 cloth that comes with the bottle for my whole van for the cleaning part with spray then, I used my own cloth for wiping after as directed. Highly recommend!

  • Helma Lowe-Prosperity Team
    From United States

    This is an amazing product! Just spent several days in a hospital parking lot parked under a shade tree. That tree shed blooms and a greasy sticky yuck over the front of my vehicle. Optimyst took it right off!

  • Aron Parker
    From United States

    This product is seriously amazing! Works great on vehicles, mirrors, windows! You have to try it yourself, you will love it!

  • Judy Stallings
    From United States

    I swore I wouldn't "wash" my own car in this Vegas heat! But I wanted to try out my OptiMyst I did the entire SUV in less than 15 minutes. I'm SOLD on this product!!!!

  • Carolyn Christensen
    From United States

    SOLD! Our 2016 golf cart sold for top asking price after I detailed it with our Optimyst Waterless car wash! It was shining just like NEW! It was so easy to use, did not need water or bucket. And it runs like a top using a few drops of the FFX fuel treatment!

  • Michele Stevenson
    From United States

    I haven't had a chance to try on our vehicles yet, but I've been cleaning just about everything else with OptiMyst! Granite counters, appliances, glass shower stall and vinyl fencing! The algae wiped right off the fence!! This product is all you need for cleaning!

  • Jeff Stoker
    From United States

    This stuff is so amazing I even use it as a household cleaner to clean my stove and counter tops. I guess that wold be the and more in the product Benefits.

  • Vicky Kauffman
    From United States

    Amazing! I love it to clean inside of my vehicle, my windows in my house & it makes my jet skis so shiny!

  • Jamie Romine
    From United States

    I ordered the OPtiMyst Waterless Wash a few months ago. I told my husband hey got a product that you can use to wash the vehicle and you don't need water. He's old school and wasn't really on board. So I decided to try it myself. He was toldly in shocked how easy the bird poop and the dirt came off. It also leaves a beautiful shine. Now he is a fan of OptiMyst.

  • Courtney Hinderscheit
    From United States

    This stuff is so good! Smells fresh too! Didn't get all the dead bugs off the hood but it definitely works!

Additional Information

Ingredients: Water, Citrus Distillates, Emulsifier, Polymer, Preservative, Supplier Trade Secret Proprietary Blend.
Directions: Shake bottle well. Spray directly onto the surface. Gently wipe away with a clean microfiber towel. Use a second dry microfiber towel to shine and buff.