Boost Spray

BOOST Spray is a fast-acting, portable dietary supplement designed to quickly elevate energy levels and enhance stamina through its micronized mist delivery system.

Hempworx Boost Spray

Boost Daily Spray

BOOST Spray is a portable, dietary supplement designed to elevate your energy levels and enhance stamina through its micronized mist delivery system. It combines natural caffeine, Vitamin B12, and Taurine in a convenient spray form that allows for quick absorption directly into the bloodstream. Ideal for busy lifestyles, BOOST Spray offers a flexible and fast-acting solution to keep you energized throughout the day.

  • Category: Daily Sprays
  • Size: 0.47 oz/ 14ml
  • Product Type: Boost
  • Allergen Info: Gluten Free, Dairy Free
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What is Boost spray?

BOOST Daily Spray is a portable dietary supplement designed to enhance energy levels and improve stamina. Packaged in a convenient spray bottle, it offers a unique combination of natural caffeine, Vitamin B12, and Taurine as its active ingredients. These components work synergistically to provide a quick and natural energy boost, making it suitable for a variety of settings—from jump-starting your morning to pushing through a tough workout or workday.

The product features an easy-to-use, micronized mist delivery system that allows for rapid absorption of the ingredients. With a serving size of 8 sprays, each bottle offers 30 servings, ideal for a month's use. The spray is sweetened naturally with cane sugar and stevia, and flavored with orange and raspberry essences. It is gluten-free and dairy-free, catering to a wide range of dietary preferences and needs. As always, consult with a healthcare provider before starting any new supplement regimen.

How does Boost Spray Work?

BOOST Daily Spray works by delivering a combination of active ingredients directly into the bloodstream through oral mucosal absorption. When you spray BOOST into your mouth, specifically under your tongue, the tissue there absorbs the ingredients quickly and efficiently, bypassing the digestive system. This allows for a more rapid onset of effects compared to ingestion methods like pills or drinks. The key ingredients—natural caffeine, Vitamin B12, and Taurine—are specifically chosen to promote increased energy levels and improved stamina.

The micronized mist technology aids in this fast absorption. Natural caffeine stimulates the central nervous system to improve focus and alertness. Vitamin B12 is crucial for many functions in your body. It's necessary for maintaining healthy nerve cells, aiding in the production of DNA and RNA, working with other B vitamins to form red blood cells, aiding in iron function, and improving mood regulation among other functions. Taurine, commonly found in energy drinks, is included for its potential benefits in physical performance and possibly aiding in cardiovascular health. These ingredients work together to provide a comprehensive approach to boosting your energy levels.

Is Boost Spray safe to use?

The active ingredients in BOOST Daily Spray—natural caffeine, Vitamin B12, and Taurine—are generally considered safe for most adults when consumed in moderate amounts. These substances are commonly found in various dietary supplements and energy-boosting products. However, individual tolerances can vary, and excessive consumption of caffeine may lead to side effects such as jitteriness or sleeplessness. It's important to note that the safety of these ingredients hasn't been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

While the ingredients themselves are generally considered safe, the overall safety of using BOOST Daily Spray will depend on your personal health condition, age, and any other medications or supplements you may be taking. The product advises against use by children and recommends that pregnant or nursing women, as well as individuals with pre-existing medical conditions or those taking other medications, consult a healthcare provider before use. As with any new supplement, it is highly recommended to consult a qualified healthcare professional to ensure that BOOST Daily Spray is appropriate and safe for you.

Reviews (6)

  • Khristian Berger
    From United States

    Just what i need when I dont have the time for or brew a cup of coffee! BEST part... no CRASH! I hate caffine crashes.

  • Susan Russeau
    From United States

    I forgot my morning coffee… remembered I had my spray with me, took 2 sprays and ready to go.

  • Dora Kertesz
    From Hungary

    As a trainer it is very important to not to be tired during 2 hours session. When I use this before my training I feel my self more energized and strong! When I drive long distance, always prepare this next to me because after one spray I am awake. Awesome!

  • Lola Mullins
    From United States

    This is my favorite spray!! I have so much energy using it, and it's simple to do. Taste amazing.

    From United States

    I’m always on the go. Lately I have been doing a lot of road trips and driving for hours can be challenging ! Thanks to Boost Spray for keeping my eyes awake on the road. I highly recommend this for anyone who travel and needs that boost or “pick me up” solution.

  • Lolita Reid
    From Norway

    I am a professional coffee drinker, as I used to drink almost ten cups daily. After I started using Boost Spray, my energy levels went up, and I also stopped craving coffee. I could not believe it at first. I was amazed. I am flying now through the day and full of energy. I love our Boos Spray. I just love it!

Additional Information

Ingredients: Purified Water, Natural Caffeine, Vitamin B12, Taurine, Cane Sugar, Glycerin, Orange Flavor, Raspberry Flavor, Potassium Sorbate (preservative), Stevia Rebaudioside A (stevia leaf extract).
Directions: Shake well before use. Spray directly into mouth and hold 5 seconds before swallowing. Take 1 serving (8 sprays) daily.
Caution: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Do not use if safety seal is damaged or missing. Consult your physician prior to use.