HempWorx CBD Oil for Pets 8 Pack

Enhance your pet's well-being with HempWorx CBD Pet Oil Wholesale 8 Pack

HempWorx CBD Oil for Dogs 8 Pack

HempWorx CBD Pet Oil 8 Pack

HempWorx CBD Pet Oil 8 Pack - Elevate your pet's well-being with this exclusive offer! Now available at 36% off wholesale prices, this premium full-spectrum tincture is specially formulated to cater to the specific needs of your beloved furry companions. With each serving containing 5mg of CBD, this safe-yet-potent formula works harmoniously with your pet's endocannabinoid system, supporting healthy cognitive function, a balanced demeanor, and restful sleep. Sourced from high-quality hemp grown in the USA and extensively tested for quality and safety, it's the perfect choice for your pet's health. The bacon-flavored tincture is easy to administer orally or added to their food or water, making it a delightful experience for your pet. Take advantage of this remarkable offer and give your pets the care they deserve with HempWorx CBD Pet Oil 8 Pack!

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What are the main ingredients in Hempworx CBD Oil for Dogs and what do they do?

HempWorx CBD Oil for Dogs features a thoughtful blend of key ingredients. Pressed Hemp Seed Oil, derived from hemp seeds, offers a source of essential fatty acids and vitamins that contribute to healthy skin, coat, and immune system function in dogs. Additionally, it provides antioxidants that can support your pet's overall well-being.

The Hemp-Derived Full Spectrum CBD in the oil interacts with your dog's endocannabinoid system, potentially promoting relaxation, reducing anxiety, and alleviating discomfort. This compound, extracted from the hemp plant, has shown promise in supporting dogs' overall balance and enhancing their quality of life. The Natural Bacon Flavor not only enhances the taste but also ensures ease of administration, making it a convenient and enjoyable addition to your dog's routine. As with any supplement, consulting your veterinarian before introducing CBD oil to your dog is recommended to ensure it aligns with their specific health needs.

What is the purpose of using HempWorx CBD Oil for Dogs?

The HempWorx CBD Oil for Dogs is used to potentially support your canine companion's well-being. It combines natural ingredients like pressed hemp seed oil and hemp-derived full spectrum CBD to offer potential benefits such as promoting relaxation, alleviating discomfort, and supporting overall balance in dogs. The inclusion of a natural bacon flavor enhances palatability, making it easier to administer to your pet. Before introducing any new supplement, including CBD oil, it's advisable to consult with your veterinarian to ensure it aligns with your dog's individual health needs.

Where to buy wholesale HempWorx CBD Oil for Pets?

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Reviews (2)

  • Joy Butler
    From United States

    Our now 18 year old beagle was moaning and groaning as she moved around. She was having difficulty jumping onto the couch. All this changed when I started putting the pet oil on her food about 2 years ago. This product has helped her tremendously! We also give it to our yorkies. They love it and I believe they move better also. I’ve accidentally run out of pet oil before and with 10 tens out beagle will start to moan and from again with every move. This product works!

  • Lisa Brickett
    From United States

    This face says it all.. lol If you want something good to help your pets! You have found the answer here!

Additional Information

Ingredients: Pressed Hemp Seed Oil, Hemp-Derived Full Spectrum CBD, Natural Bacon Flavor.
Directions: Dosage for your pets 1-25 pounds, give half a dropper twice daily. For pets 26-50 pounds, give a full dropper twice daily.
Storage: To preserve freshness, store away from excessive heat, light, and humidity.