Cosmikology Makeup Bundle

Cosmikology Makeup Bundle is a conscientious and all-inclusive collection of clean and vegan cosmetics designed to enhance your beauty while meeting high ethical and quality standards.

Cosmikology Makeup Bundle

Cosmikology Makeup Bundle

Cosmikology Makeup Bundle is a thoughtfully curated assortment of clean and cruelty-free cosmetics, encompassing everything from foundation and concealer to eyeshadow and lip products, all designed to help you achieve a stunning look while adhering to ethical and eco-conscious principles. This bundle not only meets stringent EU Cosmetic and Credo Clean standards but also embraces a vegan and non-GMO approach, making it a choice that aligns with both your beauty and ethical values, offering excellent value for a complete makeup regimen. Experience the beauty of Cosmikology as it empowers you to look and feel your best, inside and out.

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  • Size: **Please see each individual product for sizes.**
  • Product Type: Aura Concealer, Aura Pressed Powder, Sol Eyeshadows, Sol Brow Pencil, Nova Lip Gloss, Aura Liquid Foundation, Aura Blush, Sol Eyeline, Nova Lip Liner, Aura Moisturizing Primer
  • Clean. Safe. Beautiful. Cosmikology products are made using the safest Credo-Clean and EU acceptable ingredients. We are cruelty-free, non-GMO and vegan. Despite all of this we’ve sacrificed nothing in terms of beautiful, high-quality, long-lasting makeup you’re going to look incredible wearing.
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What is Moisturizing Primer?

A moisturizing primer is a cosmetic product formulated to hydrate the skin and prepare it for makeup application. It contains ingredients that ensure the face remains moisturized, preventing dryness or flakiness. By creating a smooth canvas, the primer fills in fine lines and pores, enabling a more even application of foundation and other cosmetics.

Beyond just hydration, a moisturizing primer enhances makeup longevity by helping it adhere better to the skin. Some versions also offer a protective barrier between the skin and makeup, guarding against potential irritants and environmental pollutants. Especially beneficial for dry or mature skin, this primer is a staple for achieving a flawless makeup look that lasts.

How does Moisturizing Primer Work?

A moisturizing primer functions as both a skincare and cosmetic enhancer, designed to boost skin hydration and improve makeup's overall appearance. Infused with hydrating components like hyaluronic acid or natural oils, it ensures the skin remains supple, while silicone-based agents fill in imperfections for a smooth surface.

Furthermore, the primer enhances makeup adherence, allowing for a prolonged and more flawless finish. It also acts as a protective layer, shielding the skin from potential makeup irritants and environmental pollutants, thereby optimizing the overall makeup application and wear.

Is Aura Moisturizing Primer safe to use?

Aura Moisturizing Primer is formulated to meet rigorous standards, notably the EU Cosmetic and Credo Clean benchmarks. These standards emphasize the use of safe, non-toxic ingredients in cosmetics, which suggests that the product has undergone strict scrutiny to ensure it doesn't contain harmful substances. Additionally, the product's commitment to being cruelty-free, non-GMO, and vegan further attests to its focus on ethical and clean formulations.

However, as with all cosmetic products, it's essential for individuals to patch-test before full application, especially if they have sensitive skin or known allergies. The provided warning also emphasizes external use only and advises against using it on damaged or broken skin. While Aura Moisturizing Primer appears to prioritize safety, it's always recommended to consult with a dermatologist or skincare professional if there are specific concerns about product compatibility with one's skin.

Reviews (15)

  • Tiffany Glaser
    From United States

    Who’s looking for Makeup that’s actually GOOD for your skin? I know I was and to find one with a decent price tag! I'm a 40 year old mother who's trying not to age my skin any faster. Since using this incredible bundle I feel I look airbrushed and it doesn't even feel like I'm wearing makeup! It's so soft and light! European Standards • Cruelty Free • PEG Free • Paraben Free • Non GMO • Phthalate Free • Formaldehyde Free • Vegan • Sulfate Free • Propleyne Free • Triclosan Free • BHA/BHT Free Beautiful Coverage Beautiful Pigment Affordable I'm absolutely loving this New clean makeup line & so are so many others! That eye brow pencil though.... DANG, that is a MUST!!! My skin feels clean, nourished, soft and just incredible! It looks the same at the end of the day as it did at the beginning of the day! I also love how it washes off at the end of the day!

  • Eniko & Balazs Voros
    From Hungary

    Finally, there is a cosmetic brand which is not harmful, but is GOOD and nourishing for my sensitive skin. Beautiful colors, easy to use, very good (almost camouflage) coverage - even for professional use. On the photo you see me having Cosmikology make up on my wedding professional photos.

  • Jodi Nagel
    From United States

    I used to filter ALL my selfies but right before my 40th birthday I purchased the Cosmikology bundle and immediately fell in love! This make up makes me feel confident and radiant. I love that the longer you wear the make up the more it nourishes your skin! I've been using this line exclusively for 4 months and can see an improved skin tone and I have had NO breakouts! My skin is sensitive to new products so that is a huge bonus for me! I love that the line can work well for daily casual but also glam! It's so versatile and the best part is -- it's CLEAN! Non-toxic beauty products that actually have good pigment is so hard to find and this is superior to any other "clean" line I've used! I'm committed to #filterfreefourties because this make up is beautiful for all ages!

  • Judy Stallings
    From United States

    At age 58 it's so hard to find a foundation that gives great cover yet feels so light on my skin. I love the Aura Liquid Foundation - it's clean and looks so natural yet provides superior coverage for my blotchy skin. I am obsessed with the Natural Goddess eye pallet and I love how it all goes on so effortlessly. Cosmikology gives me a fresh, natural look without being cakey or over done!

  • Karen Varnado
    From United States

    OH MY GOSH I LOVE COSMIKOLOGY! I am 62 years old and have tried everything on the market looking for a brand of cosmetics that was clean and looked good on aging skin. My search is over! This goes on great, it's light, stays on all day and I can feel good about putting it on my skin. I love it when someone asks my what I use to make my skin look so good.

  • Lisa Brickett
    From United States

    I am in love with this makeup! Lasts all day long and feels so nice and light! Coverage is great and you don’t need very much. I did my eyeshadow with the green and Omgosh just love the color Highly recommend!

  • Lesley Cantwell
    From Canada

    I’ve been in the beauty industry for 20 years and it’s been very difficult to find a clean makeup line that performs. I’m in my 40’s and let me tell you makeup has to make me look younger not older or I’m not interested the Primer is amazing, so silky. Foundation gives an seamless finish, love the brow pencils are they are flat to imitate hair strokes and the brush on the opposite end helps blend everything and comb brows. The eye palettes are stunning, loving playing around with both Natural Goddess and Karma the lip gloss are stunning shades and make your lips so hydrated. I’m so excited to get more and more to this line.

  • Monika Imreh-Bartha
    From Romania

    Imádom!!!! Nagyon könnyü vele sminkelni. Rengeteg mindent kipróbáltam régebb és ilyen profi termékeke soha nem fogtam a kezembe. Sminkeseknek, fiataloknak is ajánlom mivel káros anyag mentes, nagyon pigmentált. Kedvencem a szemhélyfesték paletta és a szemöldök kréta!!!

  • Lisa Brickett
    From United States

    So nice and light! I feel like I am wearing no makeup when I apply this! Feels really nice on my skin! . This makeup makes me feel so pretty!

  • Abigail Neumann
    From United States

    I really wish the Ingredients were even cleaner than they are I know it’s cleaner than most but the ingredient list still scares me.

  • Melissa Fenstermacher
    From United States

    Oh My Gosh ! I normally wouldn’t wear makeup because my skin is very sensitive and I hate my face with that heavy, cake like feeling. I have been wear makeup 5-6 times a week now due to this amazing natural looking and clean line of makeup.

  • Tina Parker
    From United States

    I am in love with this makeup line. With my skin and always looking like a teenager, this hybrid of skincare and makeup has made my skin look flawless. The primer alone makes a difference. The liquid foundation and concealer feels amazing and very light. The lip line is so hydrating! Nothing but positive things to says about Cosmikology!

  • Vicky Kauffman
    From United States

    I owned a salon 35 years—I am 69 years old & this is the cleanest make-up I have ever used & it stays on all day!

  • Hannah Gallagher
    From United States

    Here I am wearing the concealer in the shade “Starr”, lip gloss in the shade “star burst” & blusher in the shade “Callisto” - absolutely obsessed! The concealer is so moisturising it doesn’t leave a dry effect, the lip gloss has beautiful gold pigments in & the blusher is so easy to build up!

  • Sonia Line Arseneau
    From Canada

    I stopped trying to find makeup years ago as most would make my face itchy and eyes leak. When I heard Mydailychoice was launching a cosmetic brand I was so excited! I love how the lip gloss feels and stays for hours! The foundation doesn’t clump and feels so natural and the eye liner and shadows doesn’t bother my eyes. All the colours are beautiful and my face doesn’t break out after I use it which other brands did! Thank you

Additional Information

Ingredients: **Please see each individual product for ingredients.** Cosmikology products are made using the safest Credo-Clean and EU acceptable ingredients. We are cruelty-free, non-GMO and vegan. Despite all of this we’ve sacrificed nothing in terms of beautiful, high-quality, long-lasting makeup you’re going to look incredible wearing.
Directions: **Please see each individual product for directions.**
Caution: For external use only. Do not use on damaged or broken skin. When using this product, keep out of eyes. Stop use if rash or irritation occurs. Keep out of reach of children.