History of MyDailyChoice

History of MyDailyChoice

MyDailyChoice, founded by Josh and Jenna Zwagil, is a testament of innovation and empowerment, especially in the areas of beauty, health, and financial education. Explore the journey, founders, business model and relationship with HempWorx for a full picture of the company's evolution and influence.

MyDailyChoice Founders

The visionaries of MyDailyChoice are Josh and Jenna Zwagil. They share a passion for affiliate marketing, and wanted to create a platform that would support affiliates. Jenna Zwagil, a marketing graduate, has been an influential figure in social media and network marketing for more than a decade. In 2017, after discovering the benefits of CBD in 2016, she founded HempWorx under MyDailyChoice. This was a major milestone in the growth of the company. Josh's expertise in network marketing, strategic thinking and business development has been crucial in propelling the company to unprecedented success.

MyDailyChoice is a multi-level marketing company?

MyDailyChoice does operate under the Multi-Level marketing (MLM). This structure allows individuals to become affiliates, selling and promoting the company's products and earning commissions from both their own sales and those of their recruits. MyDailyChoice has used the MLM model to build a community of empowered and supportive affiliates.

My Daily Choice is the parent company of HempWorx

HempWorx is a subsidiary of MyDailyChoice, and it's known for its high-quality CBD products. Jenna Zwagil founded it as a subsidiary of MyDailyChoice, after her own experience with CBD oil. This strategic inclusion expanded the product range of the company and capitalized on a growing CBD market. It contributed significantly to its rapid growth.

Growth and Global Expansion

MyDailyChoice, founded in 2014, has experienced extraordinary growth. From modest beginnings, the company has quickly grown to more than $170 million of sales in 2019. It now operates across Europe, Asia and Latin America. The company's success can be attributed to the commitment to innovation and quality as well as to fostering a sense of community with its customers and affiliates.

Mission and Values

MyDailyChoice's core belief is that individuals can be empowered through superior products and an encouraging community. Its mission is to promote health, happiness and abundance by highlighting the importance of daily choices for a fulfilling lifestyle. The company's strategic direction and operations are governed by values such as community support, leadership training, and constant innovation.

The Zwagil Foundation and Community

MyDailyChoice goes beyond its commercial success and makes a difference in the world. Through various events, a supportive ecosystem, and the Zwagil Foundation initiated by Josh and Jenna Zwagil the company aims to cultivate a sense of belonging and contribute meaningfully to global communities. The foundation is committed to creating measurable and sustainable improvements through strategic partnership and initiatives.

MyDailyChoice is a global platform, led by Josh Zwagil and Jenna Zwagil, that has evolved from a simple company into a platform that empowers people globally through innovative products, a supportive community, and championing the vision of a happier, healthier life. The company's incredible journey from its inception, to becoming a global leader, underscores the commitment it has to quality, sustainable growth, and community engagement.

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